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The Wishmaker is a computer program of great power and potential. It can literally do anything.

(weeel, assuming it's physically possible for a computer to do. For instance, you couldn't use it to move the earth into the sun, assuming of course that global computerized weapons systems don't in fact have the potential to push the earth into the sun. Anyway, you get the point.)

Barring it's obvious limitations, it can do anything computerized. It can even split processing power and thereby have infinite memory--a feat long thought impossible.


Back when the duck cult universe was still it's originally intended simulation of Atlantis, a currently unknown and unnamed scientist or team of scientists working with The Great Duck perfected the program on a PC. They were not currently aware of the implications of its use in their world. The Great Duck copied the source code of the program and recreated it on his actual PC. The original's code is presumed to be lost from the duck cult universe in both falls of Atlantis, but due to the seal on its power, there is no way to truly tell.


  • It's first appearance was in St. Supmaster (a story previously unknown to have taken place in the real world) in which The Mighty Pickle abused it's power to mess with other developers.