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The Seven Seals of MagicEdit

The seals on magic are 7 rules or laws created by The Great Duck. While in place, they completely prohibit any use of that kind; however, there are some items that can (and do) trump these laws.

The KindsEdit

Due to the nature of the world, some of the seals are unusual and hard to grasp conceptually.

  • The Power of the Forge

For those familiar with Game Maker, this will make perfect sense. For others... Not so much. This prohibits the creation or modification of resources.

  • The Power of the Mind

Prevents the altering or modification of the 'soul'.

  • The Power of Time

Prohibits time travel of all forms.

  • The Power of the Realms

Prevents all abnormal travel through the realms of the dead and the living.

  • (Undetermined as of yet)
  • (Undetermined as of yet)
  • The Power of the Gods

Unlike the others, this does not prohibit a magical act or spell. This seals The Great Duck and The Mighty Pickle forms from The Realm of the Duck, although they can still affect people through dreams.

Keepers of the SealsEdit

Each of the seals were entrusted a guardian that solely had the ability to remove the seal. They had the sole ability to violate their seal whenever they chose. They can also pass the seal on so that it continues. However, if the keeper were to die, the seal would not be broken. Rather, the seal would remain intact and unbreakable.

The exception is the seal on The Great Duck and The Mighty Pickle. That seal can be broken by anyone, but only one that has overcome the darkness within themselves. This seal also prohibits use of The Atlantean Wishmaker by anyone other than people worthy of the seal; however, some inhuman and external entities can still use it due to loopholes in the rule. That is to say: they either have no dark side to overcome or the seal is unable to determine the existence of one. However, The Great Duck and The Mighty Pickle are unable to release themselves. After all, it would defeat the purpose of sealing them.

The Keepers:

  • The Power of the Forge

One of the Golems

  • The Power of the Mind

True Valhalla

  • The Power of Time


  • The Power of the Realms


  • (not available)
  • (not available)
  • The Power of the Gods

The Great Duck (by default)

The Mighty Pickle (by default)


Merlin (Timeline of Death)

Insert Name Here (Timeline of Death)

Death (by default)

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