The Mighty Pickle was still not satisfied with the amount of damage he has done, so he created the were-plague, and infected an innocent family. Soon, they started to change. The first victim became the wereduck. Her brother, D4RknEZz, started telling people what a terrible thing happened to his sister, hoping people would help him, but no one knew what to do. Lawsome got tired of D4RknEZz, because he didn't know he was serious. He started arguing with D4RknEZz every time they met. The Mighty Pickle was satisfied, he once again ruined the peace Duck created. The plague slowly spread, to infect D4RknEZz's best friend, turning him into a weregoat, and finally, it infected D4RknEZz himself. D4RknEZz became a weredog. But the Duck reacted, and made a cure. The cure neutralised some of the bad effects, but not all. Now the werecreatures are there.

They are partially human and partially animal. They are between good or bad, sometimes fighting for the Duck, sometimes fighting for the Pickle.

They are now both demons of evil and guardians of good.