Part 1Edit

I was returning from a six month trip when it all began... I pushed open the doors to Duck Cult.

I said, "Hey guys, what are you all up..."

The room was empty except for an elderly janitor. I walk in.

"Hello, I am INH" I say to the old man as I put out my hand.

"Mr. Rice" he replies as he shakes my hand.

"Where is everyone?" I ask

"They left about 3 months ago." Mr. Rice said, "They were all mad about this whole thing being a hoax created by president Nocturne."

"Nocturne?!?" I exclaimed, "He never do something that mean. They must have misunderstood something. Is the scripture still intact?"

"I think so." Mr. Rice answered, "I was just in the scripture room mopping a little while ago."

"Thanks." I say.

I walk down the hall into the scripture room. On the walls were numerous stories about the activities of the group since its founding. I started reading the titles, and recognized several stories. I eventually found the last one. It was called "Nocturne's Hoax".

It read, " 'We are all aware what happend last week.' Moogle said, 'The Great Duck and The Mighty Pickle were destroyed yet we are still here. Along with them, the YYGF Ruins were destroyed. We all know that President Nocturne was trying to get the YYGF Ruins cleared for land. I think Nocturne built robots to fool us into thinking that the YYGF Ruins were destroyed by deites. Therefore, this group has no purpose and we should disband it!'"

I turn around and start to walk out of the room. As I am walking, I slip and fall on the slick floor. As I start to get up, I see an old enscription on the floor.

It read, "When the followers of the duck have been seperated by a malevelant force, ___rice will be essential to the beginning and end of the temporal course."

I realise that it is a prophecy. Is "Mr" the missing piece? I copy the prophecy on a piece of paper, and walk back out to where the janitor is cleaning.

"Do you know any way I can contact the Cult members?" I ask the janitor.

"No, but there was a Cult of Pickle that got started right after this one disbanded." the janitor answers, "It is a couple blocks east of here. You can't miss it."

I thank him and walk outside. I head down the street. I eventually notice a green building shaped like half a pickle. I walk inside the building. As I push open the doors, I can see a waiting room. I go up to the counter. A beaver is sitting behind the counter.

"I would like an audience with The Cult of Pickle." I tell the beaver. "What is your name?" The beaver asks me.

"Insert Name Here"

"Do you have an appointment?"


"Sit in a chair over there. I will call you over to see them in a few minutes."

I walk over to one of the chairs and sit down. I browse some of the magazines, while I am waiting.

'Nocturne is running for this election. Moogle is running against him. Moogle has invented several devices (including teleporters, shrink rays, (broken) terraformers, and many others), but is now retiring from inventing, and running for presidency' I read.

I sit and wait for a while longer.

"This is taking way too long." I think.

I get up and walk back over to the counter. "I thought it was only going to be a few minutes?" I ask the beaver.

"Oh sorry!" the beaver exclaims, "I forgot to tell them you were here."

I grab the beaver by its tail and lift it up.

"Don't forget to tell them this time" I say.

I set the beaver down and it scurries through a door behind the counter. A few moments later I hear a voice.

"Insert Name Here, the Cult of Pickle will now be seeing you." the voice says.

I walk through the doorway and into a large, round room. On the right is a small cage. In front of me is the wereduck DaRKneZz.

"Why do you wish to see us?" Asks the wereduck.

"I heard that you might be able to contact the old members of the Cult of Duck." I answer, "I am trying to reform the Cult."

"I have tried many times to contact the members, but they refuse to listen." DaRKneZz said, "There was another option, but it was too dangerous."

"Does it have anything to do with time travel?" I ask.

"How did you know that?" the wereduck says in surprise.

I show DaRKneZz the paper with the prophecy on it.

"I found this written in the scripture room at the old Duck Cult building." I tell DaRKneZz

"Come over here" he says.

He walks over to the cage and I follow him. Inside of it is a groundhog. A helmet is hanging next to it on the wall.

"This groundhog can send objects through time." DaRKneZz says, "In order to bring back the Duck Cult, you will have to stop RoyTheShort from sending the Mighty Pickle and the Great Duck to the YYGF Ruins. I don't care if they destroy the moon. If the ruins are destroyed, then Nocturne will get blamed."

He hands me the helmet.

"This will protect you from the energy the time vortex will give off." he says, "Make sure it is on tight. The rats we tested on appeared to go mad without it."

As I start to put the helmet on, DaRKneZz reaches inside the cage to pet the groundhog, and it bites him. He smacks the groundhog in the face. A vortex of swirling blue light opens in front of me, and I am sucked in. The helmet flies off, and I feel an almost unimaginable agony in my head. I pass out from the pain.

Part 2Edit

I wake up with one of the worst headaches of my entire life. I look around. I am in a small rectangular room with stone walls. A desk is on the other side of the room. I am laying on a bed set against a stone wall. A door opens and a man walks in.

"I see you are awake." the man says, "Next time you decide to time travel, make sure you wear a helmet. You are lucky you didn't fry your brain."

"I was wearing a helmet." I said, "I got sent back a bit early, and the helmet was not on all the way."

I start to get up.

"Don't get up yet!" he says, "You need to rest. Just lay back down for a while."

"How do I know I can trust you?" I ask the man.

"Because" the man says as his face changes, "I am you"

His face changes to look like mine. I wake up again in what appears to be the Duck Cult scripture room, but the wall where the entrance used to be has been replaced by a big tv of some kind. It is playing a strange movie. The camera angle keeps jumping as I watch it. It appears to be from the angle of a person's eyes. The angle finally settles. The person is looking at a man that looks identical to the one in my dream.

"You are lucky to have survived without a helmet." the man on tv says,"A doppleganger could have easily invaded your mind. Are you sure you don't want me to run a brain scan?"

"No."says an oddly familiar voice.

"Okay." the man says,"What was your name again?"

"Typhon"the voice replies.

The man walks away, and the angle turns. It faces a mirror. In it, I see my face. A cruel smiles forms on the face. I realize that I have been replaced. I look around the room. It appears to be sealed on all sides. I walk around and start knocking along each wall to see if any of them are hollow. About halfway around, I hear a voice behind me.

"There is no use. You can't escape." the voice says. I turn around and see myself standing behind me.

"Really?" I say.

I punch him in the head, and he is knocked out. As he falls to the ground, the camera angle in the movie drops and goes black. I pass out... When, I awaken the man the fake me was talking to is standing over me.

"Are you alright?" he asks me.

"I think I am, but there is no time to explain." I say, "Something is controlling me. I just managed to take back control..."

I pass out again. I awaken in the strange fake Duck Cult room. This time I am in a cage in the center of the room. The fake me appears again.

"Who are you?" I ask.

"I am Typhon" he says, "Although, the name is irrelevant, since I took it from your memories. When you back in time, a newborn doppleganger in the time vortex latched on. For all intensive purposes, I am you. You will sit in this cage, and watch me live your life until we die."

"Yeeeeeaaaah right." I say.

Typhon fades away while laughing, "I am free!".

The room shatters around me and I pass out yet again. I wake up in reality. The same man is standing over me.

"The doppleganger is gone." he says. "Did he die?" I ask. "No, we microscopically cut out the parasite. It is in the microscope over there."

He says while pointing at a table across the room. The table has a small microscope on it. I look inside the lens. Inside is a tiny "me" pacing back and forth angrily. I turn around.

"Why does he look like me?" I ask the man.

"We are not quite sure why they do that yet. We believe that they can somehow shape-shift." he says, "By the way, I am Chronos."

"As in K. R. O. N. O. S.?" I ask.

"No, my name is spelled C. H. R. O. N. O. S." he said, "Why is Kronos famous?"

"Yes, he is." I said, "He is called 'the god of time' in ancient legends. Although, I am starting to have a feeling that the legend got exaggerated."

"Well, I am the lead time travel scientist in Atlantis, so I better go change my name." Chronos says.

"This is Atlantis?!?" I say, "This place is supposed to violently sink!!!"

"Well, then I better wait on changing my name, and instead get you home." Chronos says. He walks over and gives me a small remote. "This will get you home." he said, "However, a small trip would be best to avoid any more dopplegangers. They tend to be clumped by this time, and we have no helmets."

He sets a dial to 7 days and hands me the remote. I quickly press a button that reads 'go'. I get sucked into the vortex again. This time it does not hurt. I get thrown out a minute later. I am in a street in a huge city full of skyscrapers. It must be Atlantis. There appears to be a major storm overhead. I hear a large crash behind me. I turn around and see a giant monster stepping out of the ocean. The storm appears to be emanating from the monster.

"Where is Insert Name Here?" the monster bellows in a familiar voice.

'Is that Typhon?' I think, 'How did he get so big? He must be how this island sinks'

I hurriedly crank the dial as high as I can get it. I see land cracking from the sheer weight of Typhon. A gigantic tidal wave sweeps over the edge of the island. I press the button as waves crash over where I was, and Atlantis and Typhon are sucked into the ocean depths...

Part 3Edit

(Meeting Merlon the wizard, Forming the Duck Cult, the creation of Lawsome's sword and The Fork Ness)

...I step out of the vortex and into what appears to be a cluttered basement. I see a man sitting at a desk writing something in a book.

I say, "Hello."

The jumps out of his chair and grabs a stick on a nearby table. He points it at me.

"Who are working for?" he says, "Did that witch send you? Don't say a word!" I keep quiet and let him return to his writing. He eventually starts reading it. A glow appears above the book. A bill emerges and then wings. "I am the Great Duck." the duck says, "Who has summoned me?" "It is I, Merlon the wizard." the man says. "You are the Great Duck?" I ask, "I thought you were bigger?" The Great Duck grows tremendously. It flaps a wing and the room shifts around to look like a temple. "Is this the start of the Duck Cult?" I ask. "Yes, that sounds like a great name!" The Great Duck answers, "Now you must spread the greatness of ducks. Be warned, my brother was also summoned and he seeks to destroy this world." "I am already aware of the Mighty Pickle. I am from the future." I say. "What!" They both say in unison. I tell them my story from the beginning. "It sounds like Typhon was not killed." Merlon says, "A witch recently found some brute to work for her. They say he can shift his body to dodge attacks." "I guess we better defeat her then" I say, "So, how do I do magic?" Melon goes into a rant about assigning commands to things and making them move the way you want them to. I interrupt him. "Hold on, you are saying that Game Maker is just a magic simulator?" I said, "It sounds like that is what you are describing." "Well, then you only need to know that the magic must be read backwards." Merlon says. "Okay." I say. We start preparing for the battle against the witch. I would give huge details about us recruiting people to worship the Duck, but it would get boring. I mostly worked on two weapons to combat what I believed Typhon had become. "How is it going?" Merlon asked.

"It seems to be going well." I say, "I believe I found Typhon's weakness." I hold up a trident with one letter on each point. It read INH. "This trident allows me to shoot chain electricity at him." I say, "It should do a great deal of damage. I am also making a sword that delivers hard blows while being extremely lightweight. It should help counter his strength." I point to the sword I was describing.

"What is he anyway?" Merlin asked, "He's definitely no human I've ever seen. Especially with those creepy green eyes he does."

"I'll try to explain what Typhon is to you. First, think about a bunch of ants. An entire swarm of hundreds. Now, this would probably be stupid of ants to do, but what would happen if they climbed on each other and held together so that they were as large as a person and that shape. Now ants would probably fall apart but that's sorta one way to describe it. Typhon's basically the same thing. Just with bacteria, and they're not even bacteria of a specific variety. They're just everyday run of the mill... Bacteria. As a result he has many abilities (most of which aren't hard to understand). He can turn himself into a swirling vortex similar to a dust devil (or even a tornado if he's large enough). Fireballs, amorphously dodging attacks, seperating parts and putting them back on (akin to the damage from a bladed weapon), manipulation of memories through direct contact, fine tuned manipulation of objects at a much smaller level than humans are capable of, the potential for extreme growth rates at any time, infecting others with any number of diseases (nobody really knows what stuff he's picked up over the years), and the list goes on but I'm afraid I give you any more right now. I don't even know." I reply.

"You lost me when you mentioned bacteria, but at least you know what you are doing. That's all that matters." Merlin said.

Now we just had to find Typhon and hunt him down...

Part 4Edit

I am sorry if any of you got lost in my storytelling. I was just in a hurry to tell you all about my weaponry making. The witch Typhon was working with was named Morgan la Fey. She was interested only in taking over ancient Yoyoland. I have heard that some Arthurian legends distort the name. One I heard called her Morgana, but in this she is called by her real name.

So, us ancient Duckies were preparing to head to Morgan la Fey's castle. I was shocked to learn that it is in the same location as the Mighty Pickle's castle!

"So, who are you going to give that to?" Merlon asked.

"What, this?" I said.

I point at the duck sword.

"I was thinking of giving it to Arthur and naming it Excalibur, but then I would need to wedge this in a rock." I said, "Maybe you can use it?"

"Sure." Merlon said.

So, we get on our horses and start heading to Morgan la Fey's castle. I fall of the horse a few times. We eventually reach the castle. I knock on the front door. The door opens and a huge brute with an axe steps out.

"What do you want?" he says.

"I am looking for Typhon." I say, "I believe he goes by Mordred here?"

The brute laughs.

"I haven't been called that in centuries!" he says, "Who are you?"

He squints his eyes at me. They flash green for a moment.

"I should have known." he said, "You survived Atlantis."

"Well, are you going to help me?" I say, " We want to stop Morgana... er sorry Morgan la Fey."

"No. If anyone tries to come in here, they can get a taste of my axe." Typhon says.

I point the trident from inside my pocket. A large bolt of electricity strikes Typhon in the chest.

"ATTACK!" I yell.

Everybody runs past Typhon and into the castle. I follow behind. We all somehow get separated. I hear Typhon behind me. I could tell, because I heard the fried pieces of him falling off.

"YOU WILL PAY FOR THAT!" he bellows.

"Fine, send me a duck." I said, "I will pay the bill."

The remark only makes him angrier. I ran around corners and Typhon slammed into the walls. I heard wall crashing. It seems that the castle was not built for him. I run outside into a garden. Merlon comes from the side and we slam into each other. Merlon's sword flies into the air. I catch it. I point it at Typhon as he charges.

"Stop." a female voice says.

A woman steps into the garden. I assumed it was Morgan la Fey.

"I can handle this." Typhon says, "Stay behind me."

King Arthur comes from a doorway behind Typhon. Morgan la Fey sommons a sword and they begin dueling. A last minute plan comes to mind as I put the pieces together. The sword was never Excalibur.

"Typhon or Mordred is me. In a way that makes this sword his." I mumble and trail off, "This means this sword must be..."

"SPEAK UP!" Typhon yells.

"It is time you died monster!" I say as I hurl the sword at Typhon's chest.

As I expected, Typhon opens a hole in his chest to let the sword pass through. It impaled Morgan la Fey and kept going... through King Arthur's head.

"Didn't you realize?" Typhon says, "That sword is Clarent. The sword that killed King Arthur. Now that the witch is gone, I will take control of this land!"

"You forgot one thing." I said.

"What is that?" he said.

"THIS!" I said.

I pointed the trident straight up and released its full power. Lightning clouds form above us.

"You wanted to be the storm giant?" I said, "Well, here is some thunder!"

A gigantic bolt of lightning strikes Typhon. It sends craks through the ground and Merlon and Typhon fall in the chasm. Typhon appears fried. I have no time to mourn the loss however. I realize what I must do. I hurry back to the Duck Cult (AKA Merlon's basement) and place a powerful spell. It is very complicated, but it hid it. Only the one who placed the curse may remove it. One day, I knew my younger self would find the ancient Cult. Time was starting to come full circle...

Part 5Edit

"And this is what Insert Name Here tried to spam to the GMC Duck Cult Wall. It was some narration he gave." Nocturne said, "What would you like me to do, president? It seems to provoke war."

"Leave it." Mike Dailly said as his eyes flash green.

Vice President Nocturne left the narration (that Insert Name Here forced poor Zekka to listen to) in the GMC Duck Cult Wall. Soon, Lawsome, Roy, Mercerenies, and the rest of the Cult saw it. At first, they thought Insert Name Here was making up scripture again.

"This is worse than when you put that fake 'St. Supmaster' in here." Lawsome said.

"I already told you that I didn't write that. Someone else put that there." I said.

"Lets kick him out of the Cult!" Roy said.

"YEAH!" they say.

Almost out of nowhere Mr. Rice appears.

"He is telling the truth." he said.

"You believe me?" I said.

"Of course, why wouldn't I remember the guy from the future who appeared in my basement, and then locked it up?" Mr. Rice said.

"Merlon?" I said, "Your alive???"

"Yes, but we don't have much time. I think the Pickle is planning another strike." Merlon said, "We should prepare."

"HELP!" a voice yelled.

"That sounds like Nocturne." I said.

We all run into a room the sound was coming from. Nocturne is lying passed out on the floor. Nasty green bulging veins travel up his left leg. Lawsome grabs his Duck sword (which seems to be Clarent) and expertly chops Nocturne's infected leg off. Nocturne wakes up.

"Who did this?" I ask.

"It was Mike Dailly." Nocturne said, "He is Typhon. I caught him sneaking out a window. I think he is going to join the Mighty Pickle."

Meanwhile at the Mighty Pickle's castle...

Lukasmah was coming back from yet another defeat. He walked into the Mighty Pickle's throne room.

"I must report another loss, my lord." he said.

"YOU STUPID FOOL!" The Mighty Pickle bellowed.

Lukasmah rose into the air. The Mighty Pickle clenched his fists and Lukasmah vanished. Lukasmah was erased. He was no longer alive or dead. He no longer existed. The Mighty Pickle rose from his seat.

"I will destroy my sister myself." He said.

"Wait." A voice said from above.

A blob fell from the ceiling and into the middle of the floor. It forms into the shape of Mike Dailly.

"I will destroy the Cult for you." he said, "I can strike a blow that will shake it to its core. I will kill the founder."

"Who is this founder?" The Mighty Pickle asked.

"It is the one I seek revenge upon." he said, "Insert Name Here"

"I will come with in the assault, but bring me his head on a spike!" the Mighty Pickle said.

Part 6Edit

The next day, we went to fight the Mighty Pickle's army. The Great Duck came with (to watch mostly). We were fighting pretty well. We had almost defeated the Mighty Pickle when they vanished. Typhon, the Great Duck, and the Mighty Pickle just vanished. Everyone stopped fighting, and looked around. Then, I heard a loud noise overhead. I looked up and saw a helicopter with three 'people' climbing in while holding a shrunken Typhon, Pickle and Duck. I say 'people', because they had no faces. The helicopter flies off.

Part 7Edit

I was trying to figure out where the Duck and Pickle were taken. Lawsome1997 was trying to help.

"Maybe the prophecy will help?" Lawsome1997 said.

"I don't think so. Merlon doesn't seem to have a clue either." I said

"Lets try reading it again. Maybe me missed something." Lawsome1997 said.

We both walk into the scripture room. I crouch down, and look for the prophecy, but it is gone! Then it dawned on me, everything I did in the past had already occurred in my past, so what if I wrote the prophecy, and put it in the scripture room. What if I was not going back to stop the battle? What if I had to stop whatever was happening now? I stand up.

"Lawsome, I think the Cult's disbandment was faked. We need to reread the story. I must have left myself a clue." I said.

"So, you met the janitor. He said that RoyTheShort was the one to send the Duck to YYGF and therefore destroy the cult. So, maybe its RoyTheShort?" Lawsome1997 said.

Nocturne easily obtains a warrant to search RoyTheShort's house. We search the whole place and find nothing except a Duck in his freezer.

"Roy, why do you have a duck in your freezer?" Lawsome asked roy.

"Err..." Roy is silent.

"Roy, tell us who took the Duck." I said to Roy.


"I think we should leave Roy alone Lawsome." I said.

"I agree." Lawsome turns to Roy, "We won't hurt you, but your title of prophet is now gone. You are officially booted from the Cult of Duck."

We leave Roy's house and regroup at the Duck Cult building.

"So, it seems that we are stuck again." I said.

"Yes, maybe we should further examine the scripture." Lawsome said.

"So, I went to the Cult of Pickle. I waited for a while and got let in, eventually." I said.

"You read a magazine." Lawsome said, "Doesn't Changgi write those?"

"No, that wouldn't make sense." I said, "Who would benifit from the destruction?"

"I think i know who!" Lawsome said, "Moogle replaced Nocturne, right? So what if she kidnapped the Duck?"

"That makes sense." I said, "Lets go see."

Part 8Edit

We were all walking up to Moogle's labratory. It looked like a fortress. It was on a cliff overlooking the ocean. The whole duck cult along with Noctunre and a few pickle soldiers came along. We all go and knock on the gigantic front door. We wait a long time and nobody answers.

"This is taking way too long." said Nocturne, "We need to get the president back."

Nocturne goes up to the door and (amazingly) kicks it down. We go on in.

Past the door was an enormous rectangular room. Above and in front of us was a huge balcony with stairs on both sides leading down. To our left was an enormous window overlooking the cliff. In front of us was a very strange site. Moogle was tied up and gagged in a chair! She struggles a little in the ropes and manages to spit out the gag.

"Watch out behind you!" she said.

I just manage to dodge a thrust from a dagger Nocturne was now holding.

"Don't let him stab you!" Moogle yelled across the room, "She already switched bodies with me as you can clearly see. The dagger makes you switch bodies. How do you think my leg got messed up?"

The fake Nocturne mumbles under his breath. All of sudden we are all hanging in cages above the room.

"When I get out of here, I am going to devour you!" One of the sentient pickles threatens.

Nocturne ignores the pickle. He jumps off the ground and just stands in the air! He 'walks' over towards my cage.

"It is nice to finally meet again." He says.

"I have never even met you before." I said.

"Ah, but you have. You might not recognize me, but I have waited long for my revenge." He said.

"Who are you?" I asked.

"You should remember me. You did kill me with that cursed blade." He said.

"Morgan la fey?!?" I said, "How is that even possible? You are dead!"

"I cast a spell to allow me to resurrect my spirit." She said, "Once I met Lukasmah and he told me all about you, it was a simple matter of me arriving five months in the past."

"So what?" I said, "You are going to kill us and help the Pickle win? He'll destroy everything!"

"No, my plan is far more devious than that." She said.

Morgan La Fey waves her hand and the floor opens. Three large orbs with a tube connecting them emerge, along with several unidentifiable runes and mechanical devices attached to the middle orb. Within the two orbs on opposite ends are the Great Duck and the Mighty Pickle!

"This machine focuses the divine energies of the two deites. When I activate it, they will be destroyed and I will absorb the energy making me unstoppable." She said.

"You can't destroy them! Its impossible. Blasphemy!" Lawsome said.

"Ah, but that is the beauty of it." She said, "I don't destroy them. They destroy each other. 'In the beginning was a being equally as powerful as the Great Duck, Mighty Pickle.' Their own rage towards each other will cause their own destruction. It has always been inevitable. Neither can win. Two equal forces cancel each other out. I am merely controlling the circumstances. However, I still need a test subject."

Two faceless men drag a Typhon bound in chains into the room. She points at me.

"You will serve nicely. Both you and Typhon are similar enought to test the Eliminator. I have already used on others, but I don't know if it will work on ancient individuals, including non-humans." She said.

Two more faceless servants bring in a smaller Eliminator. Both me and Typhon are thrown into opposite ends. The machine whirs to life and both of us are drawn together. It feels like our memories are erasing each others. Our opposite traits negating each other...

"IT WORKS!!!" She screamed. "ACTIVATE THE FULL ONE."

Two more faceless workers come onto the balcony and begin to pull two levers. Just as it seemed it would be too late, a cloaked figure burst through the balcony entrance, and tossed the men over the balcony. Morgan La Fey was fuming.

"WHAT. IS. THIS!!!!!" She yelled.

I thrust off the hood.

"Its me!" I said.

I pulled out the Fork Ness and zapped the Eliminator. It shattered into a million fragments over the floor, freeing a very angry Duck and Pickle. (Seriously, I actually set the fork ness to fragment the glass into exactly 1,000,000 pieces.)

The Great Duck opened its beak and shot out a bright white beam at Morgan La Fey. While the Pickle just clenched his fists in rage. A black shadow looking like the original Morgan La Fey was dragged out of Nocturne's body. It slowly started to crackle and hiss, before shattering into dust. She was truly no more. Unlike Lukasmah, who was merely put into torment, Morgan La Fey was played at her own game. Her soul was spread so thin that her consciousness was lost, forever.

The Mighty Pickle snapped his fingers and returned everyone to their proper bodies. (I had not switched bodies in case you are wondering, and yes Typhon was alive. It was a ruse.)

Morgan La Fey's spell wore off and the people faces returned and they each split into two people! It seems that the brainwashed workers were victims of the Eliminator. Before we could react, however. They all ran out of all the rooms like an angry mob and threw Moogle out of the window, and down the cliff. She was dead. When they found out she was possessed, they were devastated. Nocturne tried to arrest them all, but Typhon stopped him. He understood what happened to them. He experienced it. Granted, it was just a jury rigged spam bot that he was combined with, but it was still enough for him to experience part of it.

Part 9: The end and the beginning...Edit

The Duck and the Pickle started arguing after I explained how I snuck in back. Merlon had explained in secret, that only Morgan La Fey used that form of mind control. He figured it was a trap. They started bickering about Ducks being too noisy, again. I eventually had an epiphony. Everything up till now had been to do or prevent something. What if this was it. I told them my idea.

"What? You want to mute the entire universe for a day?!?" The Duck said, "Are you nuts?!? That can't be done."

I simply proceeded to open up Game Maker and show her the function for stopping all sounds.

"Oh, I never knew that was there. Did you know that was there, brother?" The Duck said.

"No, I didn't." The Pickle said.

And so they agreed to be patient and nice to each other for a few months unt the past me went back in time. There were a few rouge piqlists and werepickles, but that was it until...

One day, two people snapped and became terrorists: Patrick, and his close friend Cantavanda. They rigged a bomb in the YYGF Ruins and demanded 1,000,000. We gave them the money, since Typhon was there at time. They let the president go, but then the unstable radiation (that got conveniently swept under the rug by the management) left from the ancient wars set off the bomb and turned it into a swirling vortex: A BLACK HOLE. Cantavanda was sucked in screaming (along with 1,000,000 Yoyollars. Patrick was hit in the head with a column and barely survived, with no memory.

Anyway, YYGF was destroyed, and we continued our work. I made sure to send an important letter to the thunderducks telling then the locations of the ancient weapons I created. The past me went back in time, and everything went as planned. At the same I went back, a disturbing letter from the future arrived. It seemed that Chronos survived! The only thing left now was to let the Pickle sleep...