On the world that Duck had created there was a man named Mark. And Mark was a good man, but poor and needy. He worked for hours to bring goodness and life to the world, and in his altruism had nothing left. The Dutch were an angry people, and refused to help him. “But please!” he exclaimed “I’ve nothing left! For I gave it all to a homeless man on the street!”. And the man said, “Really?”

And St. Mark said, “Yes. And if you could spare a dime perhaps I’ll be able to get back on my feet”


And the door was slammed on Mark's face.

He crawled through the streets and the town until he came to a park, and in the park was a bench. And it was there he slept the night, and the wood was hard and cold, and the people pointed and stared, and the seagulls pooped on him once or twice. But St. Mark was a stoic man, and he persevered.

Meanwhile, the great Duck had grown tired of merely watching her work, he saw a world that was cold and shallow, a world without creativity. She needed to fix us. And when she saw St. Mark, sleeping alone in the cold. She knew what he had to do.

In his dreams, St. Mark saw something beautiful, a duck so vast and wonderful it was beyond any word in the dictionary; it was extrordifying. And Duck said to Mark, “I love you. My child. And I have chosen you to give the gift of creativity to the world”

And Mark said to Duck, “What the f*ck?”

And Duck said to Mark “I am Duck, I am she who created this world, and it is you who I have chosen to bring creativity to the world.”

“You look delicious, can I eat you?”

“What?! No! You may not eat me, you cannot, I am immortal!”

“But you look so tasty!”

“No. You are not allowed to eat me! Now shut up and let me give you the gift of knowledge.”


“NO BUTS. Now, you will make a software, a software so beautiful it will defy human comprehension.”

“What will it be?”

“It will be a tool, a tool called Game Maker, and you will spread it around the world.”

“What will it do?”

And Duck explained to St.Mark everything that Game Maker will do. And when Mark awoke, he was a different man. He went on to found a company called YoyoGames. And he spread happiness around the world.

And it was good.


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