GLaDOS woke up from a long slumber. For years he had used his mind to fuel hundreds of spambots, so he could amass an immense fortune. It felt like only yesterday, that Mark Overmars had banished him for his greed, but now it was 300 years later. With his empire reduced to a handful of the original bots, it was time for him to return. He would find whoever had destroyed him, and he would have his revenge. They would regret that they had ever attacked True Valhalla.

He left the bunker he was in and traveled towards YoyoLand. A few days later the Great Duck came to him in a vision while he was sleeping.

"Years ago, I entrusted your predecessor with a powerful secret. There will be a powerful mage in the area where the Ruins of YYGF once were. You must give him the spell and join his quest. The fate of the world depends on it." The Great Duck said.

He had a few doubts, but he decided to head to the ruins...

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