The Mighty Pickle (technically its Typhon...) was relaxing in his castle. He had been redecorating it. On one wall hung various people Typhon liked or admired. On the other wall was people he despised heavily. Morgan la Fey, Mordred, Moogle, Cleverbot, Supmaster004, Nocturne, and Lukasmah were on the wall of admiration. On the other wall were Insert Name Here, the Great Duck, Mike Dailly (because he is the pickle), Merlon the Wizard, King Arthur, and Chronos. As he was admiring the paintings, he hears a knock on the castle's front door.

"Let them come in." he said.

A sentient pickle runs in.

"Your mightiness, they say that they must speak with you out there." the pickle said.

'It must be a messenger from the real pickle.' Typhon thought.

"I will see what they want." He said.

Typhon walks out to the front door. He opens the door and sees a door-to-door salesman.


"Yes" Typhon answers.

"BUY. UGG. BOOTS. UGG. BOOTS. BUY. UGG. BOOTS. BUY. UGG..." the fifth spambot that week says before having its head ripped off by Typhon.

"I wish those things would go away." he told a the sentient pickle that came to the door to see the commotion.

"We could lead a strike on Uggbootopia." It said.

"Yes, I was thinking of a way to gain an advantage. Gather a legion of the other pickles." Typhon said.

The whole throne room was packed with as many pickles as would fit. Typhon raised his hand and all the pickles floated into the air and began to change. First a duck, then a man, then a dog, then a Cerberus (three-headed dog), then a crow, and finally a blob.

"I have given you the power to change your forms at will." Typhon said, "Now I want you to impersonate the subterranean Golems and strike the Yoyoland Missile Base. You will launch missiles and destroy Uggbootopia!"

The shapeshifter went to the missile base and broke in. They defeated all the guards. It was easy for them to then launch missiles since Typhon already had the passcode memorized. Missiles launched north to Uggbootopia and almost all the bots were destroyed. Only, 5 bots survived: GLaDOS, Botpie91, Assbot, Botify, and Showman. Nocturne was outraged when he found out. He wanted to lead a retaliation on the golems immediately. The pickle (Mike Dailly AKA president of Yoyoland) obliged. The golems were almost completely destroyed along with their powerful magic spells. Only one escaped. He ran to the Duck Cult as quickly as possible.

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