The Mighty Pickle, in his huge menace, decided to once again do some harm. He used Lawsome for its plans, hoping he will be able to do even more damage than before. He possessed him, and made him change THE WORD.

"Great news!", Lawsome said, "We have a new holy word! It's 'politician'."

Roytheshort approached him.

"What is this, changing the word just like that? Have you lost your mind?"

"No. I've changed it because ducks are soooo out. Politicians are in. Stop living in the past."






Suddenly, Beaver, one of the followers, appeared out of nowhere.


But before the prophets had the time to respond, he left.

"Not sure what that was, but whatever. DUCK!"


"Duck. I can do this all day."

"Politician. Maybe we could have a fair fight for the word?"

"Duck. And how is that supposed to work?"

"Politician. You and your followers will paint the walls of the temple. If you manage to paint a whole wall without a single politician graffiti, I will give you the ducks back. But beware, because I will be the one who will keep writing the politician graffiti."

The battle was long and terrifying. Both sides fought well. Lawsome was outnumbered, but his task was easier, and the power of The Mighty Pickle was within him. But that wasn't enough. The duckies won. The Mighty Pickle, shocked by the defeat, left Lawsome's body and never came back. (Yeah, right, like he isn't up to something.)

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