Part 1Edit

He was alive. He was actually alive. He was very suprised in the beginning. He could feel his hands, his legs, his body. He felt so good. He slowly opened his eyes. Strong light blinded him for a moment. He didn't expect to see light again. Yet the light was there. After a few moments he could finally see again. Everything around him was white. And bright. And empty. He stood up. It was just a huge white area. There was nothing but him there. "Lukasmah", he heard a voice. He turned around. Something magnificent was standing in front of him. "Lukasmah", it spoke, "I am The Great Duck. I brougth you back to life so you can serve Me instead of serving The Mighty Pickle." "Good for you. Too bad it isn't going to happen." "Well, screw you, then. I'm just going to kill you again." "Wait, no. Maybe I should think this through." "Accept, if you don't want to go to pickhell." "Fine, I accept." "Perfect choice." "Choice? You gave me no choice!" "I said that because I wanted to be polite." "Okay, whatever. Well, I guess I should go fight pickles now, or something." "And spread the word of The Great Duck." "Yeah, sure. Whatever." "Good boy. As a reward, I will give you the feelings of love and compassion for other living beings. Now go, spread the word!" The entire white realm slowly faded, along with The Great Duck. Lukasmah looked around. He was in a forest of some kind. He started walking. He wasn't sure where he was going, he just didn't want to stay there forever. After a short time, he reached a small cave. He entered and used magic to engrave a magical symbol into the floor. Than he created torches out of nowhere, lit them and put them on the walls of the cave. He stood in the middle of the symbol and started chanting. His eyes begun to glow yellow. Huge flames appeared in the cave. Everything around him was burning, and the ceiling of the cave looked like the sky covered in starts. If it was a movie with good special effects and music, you would die of epicness overload. But due to it being just a scripture chapter, the amount of epicness depends only on the imagination of the reader and their choice of music, if they decide to listen to some while reading this. Strange humanoids with swords in their hands started popping out of the ground, and slowly turning invisible for everyone except for people who could see them using magic. There were around thirty of them, dangerous and deadly. "Rise, my loyal unknowns, rise! Together, we shall fight the Pickle!"

Two weeks passed. It was evening. Lukasmah and the unknowns were in the cave which they turned into a safe shelter. They made a fire in the middle of the cave, providing light and warmth along with the torches. Another day of difficult training was over. Everyone already came back to the cave, only two of the unknowns were standing in front of the cave, keeping guard. Suddenly, they heard a strange sound coming from the forest. It sounded like someone was throwing pudding at a hang drum. "You stay here and guard the cave, I'l go check what is happening.", Lukasmah said. He started walking in the direction the sound was coming from. He knew exactly what the sound was: It was the sound of a piquel. The sound was moving away from the cave, and he was following it. He knew that if he let the pickle get away and tell his leader about this, his mission would quickly be over. He simply had to hunt the piquel down. As he was followed the piquel, he was getting away from the cave and going deeper and deeper into the forest. Soon he could barely see the light of the cave. The sound was still there. He was getting closer to the piquel. He finally saw him. The pickle apparently realised there was no point running so he just stood there. He was very big, around three meters, and apparently strong, judging by the size of the war axe he was holding. He charged at Lukasmah and attacked him with his war axe. Lukasmah stopped it with some kind of an energy bubble shield, but the impact was so strong the shield disappeared in a split of a second and Lukasmah was knocked backwards and into a nearby tree. Soon, he was lying on the ground, stunned by the impact and ready to get finished. What an unfortunate course of events for Lukasmah. And just a moment ago he was the one who was supposed to finish off his opponent. The piquel swung his axe. Lukasmah rolled to the side, barely avoiding the axe. The pickle-giant rose his axe into the air once again. Lukasmah contacted The Great Duck telepathically: "Deus ex machina? Pwetty pwease!!!" "No." Then he remembered. "Oh, yeah, right, magic!" He launched an orb of impact power, whatever the hell that is, which resulted in the war axe getting knocked out of the piquel's hands. A few more energy balls and the pickle was dead. Lukasmah stood up. That was better. But then, he heard a voice. "Hello, Lukasmah, I see you were so stupid that you left the cave for a while. But I didn't expect more from you." He couldn't determine where the voice was comming from, so he asked: "Where are you? Show yourself!!!!!" "I am not here, Lukasmah." "Then where are you?" "im in ur base killin ur doodz" "What you say!!!" Lukasmah slowly walked back to the cave, feeling depressed. He knew he couldn't make it on time, so he didn't even try to get there quickly. Once he got there he saw the cave filled with the corpses of his unknowns. "Craaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaap!!!!!!!!!"

Part 2Edit

Lukasmah stood in his completely silent cave with his head down, shocked by the loss of his unknowns. A tear slipped down his cheek and he dropped his staff, falling to his knees. He looked up seemingly into the sky, not caring about the ceiling of the cave obstructing the view and he screamed. „Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!“, his voice echoed through the cave. His pain grew into anger and terrible, terrible hatred. His body started shaking and he clenched his fists, yelling. „You will pay, whoever you are!!!!! You! Will! PAYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!“, he yelled. „Come out! Show yourself, wherever you are!“ Suprisingly, once he said that he felt the presence of something. It was powerful, strange, dark and evil and he knew it was out to get him, but whatever or whoever it was remained hidden. He couldn't see or hear it. But he could feel it, and that was enough for him. He stood up, grabbed his staff and pointed it at the wall of the cave. „Show yourself or I'll destroy this place, and both of us with it.“ There was, however, no response to his threat, so he touched the wall. His staff started glowing and the whole cave began to shake. First it shook mildly but the force shaking it grew every second. „I'll destroy it, I swear to Duck I'll do it!“ After once again recieveing no answer, Lukasmah began shaking the cave even stronger than before. Large chunks of stone were falling from the ceiling and the cave collapsed, crushing everythng inside it. „You just won't listen.“ Lukasmah, who teleported out of the cave in the last moment, muttered. „Lukasmah“, the voice in his head finally said, „I am amused by your attempts at killing me, but I am already dead.“ „Wh… Who are you? Are you with the pickles?“ „I am the soul of just another one of the Cult's victims. My name is Picklanar Demonic, but you can call me Unknown. I'm here to kill you, because you betrayed the servant and The Mighty Pickle.“ „Well damn. Anything else?“ „Yes. I'm after the rest of the cult too. But you're first on my list. Besides, I'm not a regular ghost who just passes through walls and scares people. I can physically interact with people and objects, and I have a sword. So yeah, you should probably run for your life or something.“ „Okay. Are you done talking?“ „Yeah, pretty much. Ghosts are scarier when they don't communicate.“ There was a moment of silence. Lukasmah no longer saw or heard anything unusual, but he knew he was in great danger, though that only annoyed him more than anything. He started running non the less. Fast. He wanted to get away from that place as fast as possible. He knew he couldn't outrun a ghost, but he tried. He spents moments running, moments teleporting as far as he could and moments resting when he felt that he was sufficiently far away. But the ghost was always there, he could feel his presence. Hours passed as he ran, but the ghost was always right behind him. Somewhere around dawn he spotted some city. It became clear what city it was when he approached. „Oh you have got to be kidding me.“, Lukasmah said, teleporting once more.

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