Big questions bothered the members of the cult: "Is it allowed to eat ducks? Should we eat pickles?" Here, we present you some important answers that shall educate you about morality.

Q: Are we allowed to kill ducks? A: The ducks are the most important creations of The Great Duck. They are superior to humans in every way. It is wrong to kill ducks. They are here to worship them, and The Great Duck cares about it's creation. It would make it sad and angry if you killed it's creation. It would be working against The Great Duck, therefore it is a sin.

Q: Are we allowed to eat ducks? A: Not necessarily. While killing a duck is a terrible sin, the corpse is just a lifeless shell which the duck's soul has abandoned. What happens to the corpse is meaningless.

Q: Are we allowed to eat pickles? A: To answer this question, we shall teach you more about organisation of the pickle menace and the duck awesomeness. The duck awesomeness first. The ducks are the holy servants of The Great Duck. The Cult is positioned somewhat lower in the hierarchy. The leader is at the very top of it, after that there goes the inner circle and after it the outer ring. In the inner circle there are the prophets, saints and high priests, in the outer ring there are regular priests and other believers. Every member of the cult is called a cultist. There are also neutrals, which aren't member of either The Awesomeness or The Menace. The Menace is organised a little bit differently. The Mighty Pickle is the most powerful being, who created them all. The piquels, beings made out of pickles, are doomed servants of the pickle, also known as sentient pickles. Below them, there are the piqlanists. They are evil wizards who use their powers to serve The Mighty Pickle. They are usually humans, but there are some crows there, too. The pickles themselves are not sentient beings, therefore they can't be the servants. Eating them DOES NOT HELP to destroy the power of the pickle, as that is exactly how their evil spreads. They are cucumbers soaked in evil, and by eating them you become tainted with evil as well. Eating pickles brings bad luck, and helps in spreading the power of the pickle. Creating pickles is also a sin, because it corrupts the cucumbers and helps spreading the evil. Therefore, EATING and CREATING pickles is a sin.