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The duck cult (consisting of Lawsome, Lukasmah, roytheshort and D4RknEZz) were meeting every Sunday to an ancient temple to pray together to the Great Duck. However, some of them lived far away from the temple and got tired going and leaving from it every week. So Lawsome, created a topic in the GMC, so the members of duck cult could live there together, and pray every day to the Duck. Soon, more people came to the topic to post, so they could pray too. Some of them joined the cult's outer ring. Ddawg was the most wise and strong from the outer ring, so he was promoted to the inner circle. People there could share their stories, have fun and most importantly, workship the Duck. Everying went smoothly. The Great Duck was happy. But, the Mightly Pickle was not and he planned an attack that could damage the topic's core...

Mightly Pickle, in order to destroy the topic, created an army of bots. These bots would spam and downrep the topic and would ruin it's balance. When the army was ready, the Pickle sent them to do their job. Pickle also ordered them to downrep and spam every topic in the GMC, so it would be destroyed and the duck cult could not create their topic... The topic's core was highly damaged. It lost so many reputation and it was ready to be destroyed. Some of the other topics were completely destroyed, while others weren't affected much. The duck cult fought the bots to protect their topic, but the army was huge and they couldn't defeat them all. So, the duck cult asked the other GMC members to help. They fought the bots bravely. Moderators and Administrators used their powers to to defeat the core of the bots, while regular GMC members stayed to fight. A lot of people lost their lives. But in the end, the GMC won the war. And the Pickle lost again for one more time. The GMC might won the war, but there are still bots damaging it's topics. The duck cult topic's damaged could not be fixed. It needs 3 brave members to uprep it, so it would have balance again...

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