Since the dawn of time, there existed a being as powerful as the Great Duck. His name was The Mighty Pickle. He had slept until The Great Duck created ducks, at which point he was awoken by loud quacking. When The Mighty Pickle woke up, it was dissatisfied with what it saw, for it saw a beautiful world, full of happiness and joy, a world so excellent and amazing that anything before it couldn't even compare. And The Mighty Pickle wasn't happy. The ducks in this world were very loud, so he couldn't sleep. He called his sister, the Great Duck, and said:

"Remove the ducks from your universe, they irritate me."

"I will not remove the Ducks, they are too awesome."

"But they're keeping me awake with their quacking, and I need my beauty sleep."

"I will not remove my epic creations just because you want to sleep."

"Then I shall bring corruption into your world. No longer will the sun shine, no longer will the ducks quack. There shall be no joy, no laughter, no happiness. Your world shall become miserable."

"I will never let you do that. As long as I am here, as long as I stand in your way, evil will not rule the world."

"Perhaps it will not rule, but it will be there, and you will have to spend every moment of your existence trying to stop it, for you have enraged me, The Migthy Pickle, lord of everything dark and soaked in vinegar."

"So be it. If it takes every moment of my time, every bit of my existence to keep my world clean, to keep it free of evil, then I shall do it. From the beginning of time until the end of it, I will be there, standing in your way, never backing down, always keeping watch."


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