Lawsome ran into Mike Dailly's chambers, when he heard a scream. Lukasmah was holding Clarent (the sword of Duck) and Dailly was lying on the floor bleeding with a hole in his chest.

"Why did you just kill the president?" Lawsome asked.

"He isn't who you think he is." Lukasmah said, "I serve the president, and it is time that this... This... Abomination payed for its crimes!"

"What are you talking abo..?" Lawsome started to say.

Then it dawned on him, Dailly must have switched bodies with whoever this is, but who?

"Who did you just kill???" Lawsome asked.

"I have killed..." Lukasmah started to say.

Insert Name Here and the Great Duck in a smaller form (redundant since great means big) burst into the room.

"BROTHER! WHAT HAS HAS HE DONE TO YOU?!?" the Great Duck screamed.

"...The Mighty Pickle." Lukasmah finished.

"WHAT?!?" Lawsome said, "What is going on here?"

"I think I can explain everything." Insert Name Here said, "When I temporarily gave the Pickle an opportunity to sleep, Typhon took advantage of it and switched bodies with him. We all agreed to keep quiet so this..."

He gestured towards the Pickle's dead body.

"Wouldn't happen."

"TYPHON IS GOING TO PAY FOR THIS!" The Great Duck screamed.

The Mighty Pickle mumbled something, and then laid still.

"He just died!" Lawsome said.

Insert Name Here staggered for a second.

"What's wrong? Are you all right?" Lawsome said.

Insert Name Here simply nodded.

"I think I know what happened." The Great Duck said, "I believe the Pickle just told Insert Name Here the secret of creation. Also, I believe Insert Name Here can't speak as a result. Get him some paper, and a feather pen."

"We don't use feather pens anymore." Lawsome said, "But I have a notepad here."

Lawsome handed Insert Name Here a notepad and a pencil. Insert Name Here simply put them down. This was strange, since Insert Name Here is usually very talkative.

The rest felt like a blur. They got a lot of info out of Lukasmah, including the fact that shapeshifters were responsible for the attack on Uggbootopia and not the Golems. They all hurried over for a large assault on Typhon's Castle. By now it was almost dawn. They walked right into his castle, and only Typhon was in the room sitting on his throne, while manipulating an Ipad-ish device. He didn't seem to notice them, and then he began chanting. All of a sudden a large number of explosions could be heard outside in the sky. They all ran outside and looked up. They could hardly their eyes. Stretching along the entire sky filling it up and slowly growing in numbers was ducks. Ducks filling up every nook and cranny of outer space.


"Not today." Insert Name Here said.

Lawsome was shocked. Insert Name Here had not spoken once that whole day! Insert Name Here pulled a dagger out of pocket. It was the dagger that Moogle had used to switch bodies! He threw it right at the center of Typhon's chest. Typhon staggered and then a shadowy whirlwind of smoke was ejected from the dagger. The Great Duck flew at it and caught it in its beak like a worm and chewed it to pieces. Typhon was no more. The Duck had destroyed his soul. Typhons body petrified into stone and all the ducks in the sky vanished. Meanwhile, Insert Name Here passed out.

He was having a vision. The Mighty Pickle stood before him.

"You have done well." He said, "However, there is much for you to learn. Behold!"

A gigantic wall of code appeared before Insert Name Here.

"You are the creator of evil and the destroyer of the evil that threatened this world, and so you will granted your greatest desire." The Pickle said, "You need not speak, lest you reveal your vision to others before it is time to reveal its secret. I will slowly, meticulously teach you... AI. You will finally be able to make that game you want, and more in GM."

The Pickle did as he said, and Insert Name Here learned AI (and memorized a whole neural interface code), and just as the Pickle finished teaching him, Insert Name Here heard loud beeping.

And then he woke in his bed, and realized he had been dreaming! He got and looked at the date. WHOA! It actually happened! The vision came to him on Duck Day 2013 just as he wrote it would! This is freaky! INH (as was his real life name) went onto the #gmc irc channel to tell DatZach what had happened. He would never believe this. It was like he was a modern day Solomon or something. He got his greatest desire, from God! He made a mental note to wrote more stories like this. The page finally loaded, and long behold: Supmaster004, Overloaded, MoogleGirl, Mercerenies, Lukasmah, Nocturne, and Lawsome1997 were on there to celebrate Duck Day. Supmaster reluctantly agreed to test any AI's he made, and DatZach actually fainted when INH showed him a sample code! Everything after the staggering in the story had actually come true... In a dream!

However, this is not the end of the Duck Cult.

Meanwhile back in Typhon's Castle...

Lawsome was really spooked now. Typhon had ejected his soul, and now it seems that Insert Name Here had been possessed... By himself, it appears. The Duck claimed that there were other universes or something and that 'another deity' had sent INH here.

"We should probably head back..." Lawsome was cut off when everyone vanished, including the Duck.

Then, behind him an army was approaching. It was a bunch of people carrying cubes, and they were chanting the same thing: "Hail Lord Cantavanda: the supreme ruler of this liberated region of UGGBOOTOPIA!"

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