While the Pickle and the Duck were doing Pickily and Duckily things, there was a war going on.

A brave warrior, named Ddawg, approached the Great Duck. "I have found...THIS!" Said Ddawg, as he pulled a crow's head from his pocket.

"What is that?" The Great Duck replied.

"I was walking about, spreading the word of the Duck, when these evil creatures attacked me. I managed to pull off one's head, and bring it to you."


"...Cause...It's a head."


"...Your Duckiness, I believe this is another treacherous plot of the Pickle! We must destroy these crows!"

"You are right! I am making you my General! You must form an army to fend off these evil crows!"

"Yes, sir!"

And so, General Ddawg went back to his duty, fighting crows and searching for soldiers