Insert Name Here found himself being transported somewhere. One second, he was outside the Pickle's castle, and now he was in a truck with armed spambots aiming weapons at him. The others were all there, except Lawsome.

"harm me, harm you. Can we make a one that pulls up? Are you harmed again and again and again? Do you know how your heart is pulled up?..." The Great Duck mumbled.

"What did you say?" I said.

"Nothing. Just some stuff that my brother once told me. I've been puzzling over it's meaning for a while." She said.

We were transported in the truck for a few hours. The Duck seemed powerless, unable to escape. The truck stopped and we were brought into a large palace. We walked into the building and down a few hallways. We reached a large courtroom. Bots were sitting in place of the jury, and in the judge's seat was a knight in silver armor holding a golden sword. He lifted his helmet up.

"Welcome." said Cantavanda, "I would hate to spoil a warm, or should I say, cold welcome, but as king officially charge you all with heresy against the country of Uggbootopia. Take them away!"

We were all taken down more hallways and then into a gigantic prison. We were each divided into pairs and thrown into cells. I got stuck with the Great Duck.


"So, what was that about earlier? You repeated something you said to your brother?" I said.

"It really isn't important. Just drop it." The Great Duck said.

So, we sat in the cells waiting for a while. I figured that Lawsome would eventually save us.

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