The night was dark and stormy. The Mighty Pickle was sat on his throne, light of torches in his castle falling on him. The throne room was big. The walls, the floor and the ceiling were made out of obsidian, decorated with gold. There were also symbols carved into the walls. The throne was made of obsidian, but it was covered in amber. There were two guards next to the entrance to the throne room. They were holding double axes, and they looked like humans, but they were green and had very sharp fangs. Those were the pickles. No, not the pickles we are used to. Pickled vegetables are only a tool, they are not sentient beings. But those pickles that were guarding the Mighty Pickle, oh, those pickles were much worse than that. They had minds. They were real, living servants of The Mighty Pickle, part of his legions, also known as piquels. The Mighty Pickle himself looked like an ordinary human. He took this form so he doesn't accidentally destroy his castle. His real form is so terrifying it cannot even be described.

Suddenly, someone opened the door. A figure in black clothes entered the throne room. It was a member of the piqlanist order, order of Pickle's dark mages. He approached the throne and kneeled before The Mighty Pickle. And The Mighty Pickle spoke to him:

"You have failed me, Lukasmah. And I do not accept failure."

"B-but... There were so many of them... I... I have information for you! I have something you might use... P-please don't kill me."

"Speak, if you care about your life!"

"They have another weapon of the Duck."

"Go on."

"They have the Duck's trident. The power of The Fork Ness is in their hands."

"Ha! That is your 'useful information'? You will never fail me again. DIE!"

The Mighty Pickle pointed his hand at Lukasmah. Lukasmah's body rose slowly into the air. His body started shaking and he let out a scream of pain as evil power of the pickle slowly surrounded him, and blood sprayed out of his eyes, ears, mouth and nostrils. His body started burning as it got twisted into unnatural positions, his muscles, joints and bones ripping as he was getting mangled into a ball of meat, bones and organs. Even his soul was getting torn into shreds. He wasn't just dead. He ceased to exist. He couldn't even reach the afterlife. After a few seconds, what was left of his dead body dropped onto the floor.

"I find it hard to believe my followers are incapable of killing a few people and ending this. Now I shall destroy the cult myself."


Ddawg and Lawsome were standing near the entrance to the temple.

"Look! Over there!", Lawsome said.

There appeared to be a storm spreading from the horizon. It was moving in their direction at a very rate. The ground started shaking as the storm approached. In the middle of the storm there was The Mighty Pickle in his true form. The darkness was consuming everything around him. The citizens of the GMC were screaming. Thunder everywhere. Pure state of panic. A huge crater was forming, and the ground was slowly getting destroyed. It was like the apocalypse. Near the pickle there was nothing. Absolutely nothing. There was no ground beneath him. There were no buildings around him. There was no living being near him. Terrible fear filled the minds of everyone looking at this. And The Mighty Pickle was still moving forward.

Out of nowhere, light appeared. Light so wonderful, so warm and so bright it could bring back the dead and make them dance happily. The flowers bloomed. Everything around the light source was so great, so happy. And the light source was The Great Duck. And The Great Duck spoke with a voice very strong, very deep and very beautiful.

"You shall not pass!", the voice echoed. A strong flash of light could be seen as The Great Duck and The Mighty Pickle vanished somewhere.

"What happened? Where did they go?" asked Lawsome.

"To the ruins of the YYGF, where I sent them with this gem. I do not have the power to affect the battle in any other way, but I can at least move it somewhere where it will not do damage." Roytheshort said.

And so the battle continued in the ruins of YYGF, the place destroyed by war between hackers and moderators. While they were fighting, their surroundings were slowly fading and disappearing. Reality itself was getting ripped into pieces around them. Everything was slowly falling apart into bits and bites. It was all becoming dust of zeroes and ones. And soon even that didn't exist. There was only The Great Duck, The Mighty Pickle and Error 404. And so, the YYGF was no more.