Roytheshort was ready to react at any attack, with his single edged sword in his hand, but Lukasmah just stood there instead of attacking. Roy knew it was better not to strike. Years of combat training and experience taught him that. However Lawsome1997 and D4RknEZz did not have so much patience. Lawsome ran towards Lukasmah and swung his magical Duck sword at him, but his sword was stopped mid-swing by some invisible protective field. Lukasmah gestured at him, launching him into a nearby wall. D4RknEZz was about to jump at Lukasmah, but when he saw that, he retreated.

Lukasmah used his magical powers to teleport a bunch of swords into the temple, before using telekinesis to control a total of ten swords. He attacked Roy with 4 swords. Roytheshort, even with his skill, couldn't dodge all those swords. He could only slowly retreat and block any incoming attacks, but even that was hard. Lawsome1997 had a powerful Duck sword, so he could actually knock some of the 4 swords that attacked him back, but that didn't really help him too much. He was soon cornered and was barely resisting the attacks. D4RknEZz was in the biggest trouble. There were only 2 swords that were following him around, ready to slice him, but he had no melee weapons to block the upcoming attacks. All he could do is to run and sometimes dodge.

But something occurred to Roytheshort. Most Ducklings know that Lawsome's sword was blessed by The Great Duck herself after it was crafted by Thunderducks, a group of ducks with strange powers that often helped the Cult. That sword was very light for whoever held it, but very heavy for anyone and anything it hits. It was also incredibly sharp and resistant as well as emitting light in the darkness, and it had an effect even against magical things, so it could be actually used to block incoming magic blasts or destroy magical shields. But Lukasmah's energy shield wasn't very damaged, because it was really powerful.

But something that most Duckies did not know was that there was another magical weapon crafted by Thunderducks for D4RknEZz, but given to Roy so he could keep it safe until D4RknEZz was ready to receive it. It was a trident. It was not one of those long and heavy tridents, but a short, light one, so one could wield it in combat very easily. It had the same resistance as the Duck Sword, and it also had effect on anything magical, but it didn't glow in the dark and it definitely wasn't lighter in the hands of its wielder than anyone else hand's. It did, however, have some other useful attributes. It could release powerful white beams of magical energy. It could also be used to manipulate liquids in the nearby area. It was called The Fork Ness. Roy had hidden it in a small building near the temple. But how to get to it?

To be continued...