As we all know, the Wereweres are half good and half bad. But, our weredog, D4RknEZz belongs in the good side. He may did some bad actions, but he wasn't his fault. But the Great Pickle's. Everyday, he sees his dear wereweres and his family doing bad things, just because the Great Pickle made them. He couldn't stand it anymore. He tried to change his friends minds, but every attempt was a failure. They were still doing bad things, because of the Werepickle's spell. Only D4RknEZz was immune to this spell. The Wereweres have half their human powers and half their animal powers (Weredogs have human and dog powers, Wereducks have human and duck powers etc). Same the Werepickle. He is half human and half pickle, having both powers, a minion of Great Pickle's. D4RknEZz tried to encounter him, but he was too strong for him. So, he decided to ask for help from the ducks. He gathered some ducks carefully, without being seen from the Werepickle, or the other Wereweres, and he trained them. Soon, he became Master of Ducks. Then, Master D4RknEZz, gathered an army of ducks to attack the Werepickle. When they arrived in front of Werepickle's house they stood there, quietly. The Werepickle was aware of these, and he sent a messenger to D4RknEZz. The messenger told D4RknEZz to give up, but he said he won't go, unless he and his fellow Wereweres finally get some freedom. The messenger replied telling D4RknEZz, that this is madness. Master D4RknEZz, full of anger, replied:

"Madness? This is DUCK!"

And then, he bit the messager's neck with his sharp teeth and he died. The time of the attack arrived. They entered Werepickles house (it was a villa) and a group of pickles were waiting. It was a tough fight. None of the ducks nor the pickles survived, only Master D4RknEZz, who was searching for the Werepickle. He found him sitting in his balcony. The Werepickle attacked D4RknEZz, with all his strength. D4RknEZz was about to die, but immediately, he used the power of the lightning (see D4RknEZz's profile photo) to kill Werepickle. The Wereweres were free and Master D4RknEZz became a hero. But, it was only a matter of time the Great Pickle planned something new...