The Mighty Pickle taught him magic, and Lukasmah used it for evil. He worked together with other Piqlantists, The Mighty Pickle's wizard servants, to cause trouble to Cultists. After he found out how evil The Mighty Pickle really is the hard way, he turned against him. After some time he joined the Cult, not because of his love for ducks and The Great Duck, but because of his hate for The Mighty Pickle. He is silent, and doesn't reveal to have any emotions. He lacks empathy towards everyone and everything. He can watch violence and torture without showing any signs of discomfort. Screams of pain mean nothing to him. He actually does have one emotion: Hate. Deep hate for The Mighty Pickle because of all the pain The Mighty Pickle caused him. His magical power is relatively big, but still not huge. He doesn't wield any weapons, but his magic lets him fight bare handed. Also, he wouldn't happen to know why Insert Name Here disappeared.


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