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He is the leader of the cult, and one of the first Duckies. He has a powrful weapon, The Duck Sword, one of the great Weapons of Duck, that is heavy to everyone except the person wielding it, resulting in extremely powerful impacts whenever it hits something or someone. He is careful, but he still dares to do dangerous things and will react if there is any threat. Although it might seem he has a weak will and that he is easy to manipulate, that doesn’t prevent him from doing what he thinks he is right, because he is actually quite moral; he will never do things he thinks are morally wrong, no matter what it costs him to follow that personal rule. That is another proof he has a stronger will than it seems.

He cares deeply about his people, ducks, and all creations of duck. He is willing to defend them from pickle’s power and from corruption. He also even has empathy for beings corrupted by The Mighty Pickle, and he wants to help them, convert them to the side of Duck. Leading the cult is a great responsibility he couldn't handle without help and support of other Duckies, but he loves what he does. He indeed deserves to be called a true Duckie, and, although he might not handle his position perfectly, it is still hard to find a person who would do a better job than him.


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