Lawsome1997 barricaded Mike Dailly's front door.

"That should keep them out." Lukasmah said, "Now that I got you here, are you gonna untie me or what?"

Lawsome1997 had started out that day thinking it couldn't get any worse. The president AKA the Mighty Pickle was... Dead. The real president tried to destroy the world. What more could go wrong? EVERYTHING. Somehow, Cantavanda, who got sucked into a black hole and supposedly died, brainwashed everyone. Lawsome had to dodge a whole army! Along the way, an image of Lukasmah told him where to hide from them. Secret tunnels that Typhon built, connected the Duck Cult building to his house. Anyway, back to the present...

Lawsome1997 went over and untied Lukasmah.

"Thanks. What's up with Cantavanda? Where has he been anyway? We used to be good friends, before I met the Pickle." He said.

"Didn't you know? He died! Didn't you see him when you were dead?" Lawsome1997 said.

"I wouldn't know if he was. There are several realms in the afterlife. Everyone thinks one is just torture. The Sulfurous Vinegar Swamp (aka Pikhell, which is a fallacy) is generally preferable to pickles. Most humans find it very unpleasant, and stinky, like me. The Great Duck Pond is preferred by ducks. Its essentially a giant fresh water ocean. Most people don't like to have to endlessly swim in it. Humans... well... I can't tell you that one. It seems that one doesn't exist. Golems have a series of caverns that they can mine in to their hearts content. There is no point in mentioning spambots because they are just reabsorbed into the host consciousness." Lukasmah said.

"Wait, what did you just say?" A half-asleep Lawsome1997 said, "And how do you know all that, anyway? I thought it was impossible to move between places."

"It is. Morgan La Fey did something to let her move around." Lukasmah said, "Anyway, all spambots have a host that they use as a consciousness. Its part of their design. The old Uggbootopian one was some Russian communist before we nuked him."

"So, all the bots were one person?" Lawsome1997 said.

"Not exactly. To make them more realistic, a willing victim's soul is split to accompany several bot souls." Lukasmah said.

"What if it were reversed?" Lawsome1997 said.

"Well, the bot soul would accompany human souls, but the overlogical nature of the bots code would overwhelm the human. They would be brainwa... Oh, I see where you are going. The Game contains a bots soul. That is why everyone is brainwashed. Cantavanda must be controlling the bot." Lukasmah said.

They managed to capture RoyTheShort, who was outside. They tied him in a chair. Lawsome1997 played the game after wresting it from RoyTheShort. It took a while, but he got to the end. The cloaked figure before him in the 'cut-seen'. Lawsome1997 defeated the figure by jumping out of the way, and then fighting him. After the bot was defeated, RoyTheShort started to come to his senses, but there was a safeguard. The cube starting turning into an armor that moved over RoyTheShort and encased him. It also got Lawsome1997.

"You are too late." They spoke in unison, "Yoyoland has fallen. The age of the bots has begun."

"No." Lukasmah said, "It is not the age of the bots."

"THIS IS THE AGE OF WAR!" Lukasmah said as he unleashed his entire magical might upon the bots. He a giant 100 foot tall transparent armor, and attacked all the bots. He blasted them with laser vision, acid breath, and giant pickles that he threw at them. He slowly made his way north to the area where the Ruins of YYGF used to be, and dispelled the armor. He prepared to attempt to open a wormhole, when a voice spoke behind him.

"Are you the one free from the bots whom I was sent to find?"

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