Lawsome1997 was coming back to the duck cult building. The day before, the duckies had seen a golem show up and give them strange magic. They were not yet sure how to use it. All of a sudden, he had a vision. He saw an army of shadow creatures ravaging the land. They were formless, and seemed to be indestructable. Then a hooded man appeared before him. He spoke and said:

Who will lead the trinity of trinities,

When the creator of evil sees,

His uttermost desire fullfilled,

And the betrayer is drilled?

The armies of death shall be lead,

And the land of good may become dead,

But if the ultimate secret is learned,

Then life may be once again earned.

Lawsome1997 hurried to the duck cult building. He told everyone what had happened. The only one missing was Lukasmah. He said that he was going to help Nocturne with paperwork. (Nocturne had wanted help from the duckies since Mike's 'mental breakdown'.)