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These are the things that the Great Duck and the duckies have decided to be good or evil.

Good thingsEdit


Game Maker (St. Mark).

Imgur (Statistically, more images of ducks than pickles).

YouTube (Same reason, but for videos).

Disney (Donald Duck).

Looney Tunes (Daffy Duck).

Eating already dead ducks.


Mike Dailly (as Mighty Pickle)

Evil thingsEdit


The ugly duckling (Insults ducks, makes swans seem better than ducks, when nothing is better than ducks).


A program that executes any GML based on a normal command.


Killing ducks.

Eating pickles.


Typhon AKA Mordred AKA Mike Dailly AKA (the new) Mighty Pickle

Good and evil thingsEdit

The Wereweres.

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