Old Guidelines For EditorsEdit

We'd much rather we had lots of short pages then a few long ones. If you have something you want to write, put it on a new page, and then figure out some way to link it to the main network.

New Guidelines for EditorsEdit


There are currently 3 main categories: Encyclopedic, Incomplete, and Scripture. Be sure to read these categories to ensure you add the right ones. If you are ever uncertain, add the Incomplete category and someone will find it. If it's a story, ask someone for help.

Editing/Creating ScriptureEdit

While people are encouraged to help improve scripture on this website, editing someone's story without permission is not allowed under any circumstances. Note that the "Needs Revision" category allows for anyone to edit a story, but only to correct minor errors in spelling, grammar, or source formatting.

If you write a story and you aren't finished, add the "Incomplete" tag. This will help you find it again later on without having to add it to the main scripture page. If your story goes under a title of another encyclopedic page, place '(scripture)' after the name and we'll get it placed in the right spot when we get around to adding namespaces.

Editing the main scripture list is allowed as long as you do not edit the header at the beginning of the page or the part listings. Just make sure not to plagiarize someone or put a story under the same author. Make sure to know how the stories flow within the scripture as some of them form parallel multi-story arcs that can be swapped around. As long as you do this and follow the current format within it, you may edit it however you wish.

The category for stories is "Scripture". This is to ensure that every page gets put into it's proper place.

Editing/Creating Encyclopedia EntriesEdit

These can be edited any way whatsoever. Place them in the 'incomplete' category if there is more editing to be done or info to be added. Make sure to also use the 'quote', 'image', 'description', 'appearances', and 'history' categories to be more precise about what is to be still added. This will make it easier for contributors to see what's still needed! Whenever a term found elsewhere in the Encyclopedia is used, make it a link. It makes reading easier!

They go under the following heading format:

insert quote here

(insert basic description here)


(general backstory and/or origins)


(list of appearances by individual piece of scripture)


(random list of facts, inspirations, non-canon info, or things cut by the original author that relate to the entry)

Roleplay and Forum EntriesEdit

Due to the GMC being a somewhat whimsical place, certain things have occurred in The Cult of the Great Duckieness topic which can only be described as non-canon and, in essence, Roleplay. Due to these sometimes being well thought out characters and bios, it's only natural that these be placed into the wiki, just seperated from the canon. That is where the roleplay comes into play. Simply mark it as a roleplay article (but not as encyclopedic) and people will know that the article merely serves as a testament to the actual events of the forums, not the story.