Today I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds. Cantavanda is no more...



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Death is a computer virus created by hackers attempting to steal the source code of The Atlantean Wishmaker. It is the sole cause of the alternate timeline.


Death's plan was to infiltrate The Realm of the Duck and do whatever it took to discover the location it was created at. During THE BATTLE OF THE GODS, Death managed to sneak in when a character file was accidentally deleted resulting in an error 404 (file not found). Later on, it used its powers to open a wormhole to The Realm of Death at The Ruins of YYGF, drawing Cantavanda and Patrick inside it (and possessing Cantavanda). Later on, he sent The Game through as a mind control device. After Typhon defeated The Mighty Pickle (and was subsequently defeated thus clearing the way), it revealed himself and declared war. It was later defeated and permanently destroyed.


The Armies of Death March Forth


  • 'Death' almost managed to reach 400% of his creator's casualty rate (barring all the spambots he resurrected).
  • In the story, he refers to Einstein as the one who spoke the quote at the top of this page. It was actually Robert Oppenheimer.
  • Death is sometimes referred to as a male; however, this is a result of people referring to its possession of Cantavanda. Death is technically neither male nor female.

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