As a leader of the army of Duck, he is a force to be reckoned with. He is no more and no less than a warrior. He doesn't go on missions and convert people, no. His way of helping the Cult is fighting. He protects the Cult and fights for it. He destroys anything that is dangerous for the Cult, and will demolish everything that stands in his path. He fought in some big battles. He tends to used a strange tactic in fight that surprisingly always work. That combat strategy is simple - Step one: You need to create a huge army. Step two: You need to locate enemy army. Step three: You need to make sure your army is either bigger, better trained or has better weapons. Step four: Who cares about sneaky tactics and unit positions? Attack!

He basically uses only brute force to win battles, no complicated plans that would require more than five minutes to create. His method of defending Ducktown is similar. He places many well trained and well armed units all over the city walls. He also needs to make sure there are no Servants hidden along the Duckies. When he finds someone he considers suspicious, his preferred method is to kill first and ask questions later. He is the mr.Brute Force of the cult.

Unfortumately, he is no longer a frequent visitor.


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