He carries a mental scar because he, his sister and his friend suffered the effect of the werewere curse. He is willing to do anything to help people he cares for, and will devour anyone who presents a threat to them, no matter how dangerous the threat is. He tends to underestimate threats, though, and he will fight against enemies much stronger than himself. He sometimes acts quickly and without too much thinking. He occasionally goes on very dangerous quests alone, even if he can't do them on his own, which results in trouble.

He needs to get in serious trouble to ask someone for help. But he also has no trouble with teamwork. When working in team, he is usually the one who plays the offensive role in combat, because he can deal pretty dangerous attacks. Although he lost his werewere powers to help his sister and best friend, he possesses a weapon called The fork Ness (The Trident of Duck), one of the Weapons of Duck. It's a trident that lets him launch powerful energy blasts and is very useful in combat. He is the one who you'd be advised to respect and fear.

He goes by TheForkNess on this wiki.