Everything was ready to go to put the Mighty Pickle to bed. Nocturne and Typhon did a press release telling the world that they were testing a new aircraft, and that the supersonic speeds might cause 24 hour hearing loss. I uttered the spell and the Pickle immediately fell asleep. (I guess millennia of insomnia really does make you tired.) I went in the other room of the Duck Cult building, and took a long nap. (That is where we decided to have him sleep. The pickles wouldn't quit bugging him.) I woke 5 hours and came out. I found Typhon standing over the Mighty Pickle with an all too familiar dagger. It was the one Morgan La Fey had used a few months earlier to switch bodies with Nocturne. He plunged the dagger into the Mighty Pickle's heart. Typhon staggered back, confused, as the Pickle stood up, and removed the no-sound spell.

"Finally, true power is mine." The Pickle said, "I must thank you, Insert Name Here. If it were not for you, I would not be here. Nor would I, Typhon, have this chance to claim this power!"

Typhon vanished as the Duck walked into the room. I told her what had happened. We agreed to keep it a secret. There were far too many enemies that might try to kill the Pickle, since he was now vulnerable.